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As a freelance translator, you work mostly in a virtual world. Plus, you may also be vulnerable to translation scammers, new clients with no business identity. Also, you should be aware of how to read contracts and non-disclosure agreements from potential clients, how to protect and backup their data, how to use cloud-based tools, how to handle payment issues, and more. Plus, you should be able to manage any potential risks before, during, and after providing your language service. After an invitation from Mr. Abdullah Hassan, founder and CEO of Brand Localization, I was invited to give a lecture about ‘Risk Management for Freelance Translators’.

Useful topics discussed in this episode:

How to handle new clients in order to minimize your financial risk.

How to recognize them, where to report them, where to check them;

Best Practices before starting your translation task/project;

Best Practices during the process of translation;

Best Practices after completing your translation task/project;

How to protect your PC, your data, and your sensitive material;

How to minimize your risk when outsourcing;

Cloud Devices for more security;

Risk management tips & tricks, and more.


Useful websites mentioned in this episode: a membership-based website targeting freelance translators. it checks if a website is a scam website or a legit website. a membership-based website targeting freelance translators.


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Risk Management For Freelance Translators

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