Video012: Translation Training EN-AR│تدريب على الترجمة من الإنجليزية إلى العربية



A new text for translation from English into Arabic about plastic pollution and how to maintain a plastic-free lifestyle. Feel free to translate the text below into Arabic and your translation will be reviewed and corrected in the ‘comments‘ below. Every trainee should send his/her Arabic translation at and add it to the ‘comments’ below. The first three translations received will be reviewed in a Microsoft Word file with track changes and comments to determine the points of strength and weakness of the trainees. This is part of an article excerpted from Al Ahram Weekly, an English-language weekly broadsheet printed by the Al-Ahram Publishing House in Cairo. Enjoy translating!

Text Subject-matter: General
Target Audience: Students (Freshman – Seniors) – Newbies
Language Pair: English > Arabic
Tool: Microsoft Word 


 Read the text carefully and translate it into Arabic in a Word file.

Record your Arabic translation after hitting the ‘Ask Muhammad‘ button.

 All comments will be checked and reviewed. Yet, the first THREE translations will be corrected using Track Changes and a video will be recorded for them. This video will be created via Camtasia Studio 2019 to explain their Arabic translations and how to improve their linguistic skills, if required.

Deadline: October 10 before 9:00 PM GMT.


Going plastic-free 101 steps


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