Video011: An interview with Dr. Maha Samir about the Ideal University Translation Curriculum – Sept 2019 – Facebook Live (Arabic)


Celebrating the International Translation Day 2019, ProZ made a survey entitled ‘Towards the Ideal University Translation Curriculum”, which answered by 118 respondents. It shed some light on the shortcomings of current translation curricula, non-faculty stakeholders that should take part in the curricula preparation and translation education, technology and business skills most translators should acquire, recommended CAT tools that should be studied and mastered, the biggest challenges translators currently face, the best techniques for translators to find new clients, and more. In this Facebook live recording, it was a great pleasure to have Dr. Maha Samir as a guest. Dr. Maha is a lecturer of linguistics at the Faculty of Arts, Helwan University. She is also a coordinator of the Interpreting & Written Translation Program at Helwan University. In this live, we were discussing the survey’s results and to which extent there is a gap between academia and the translation industry. Enjoy watching!

Useful resources mentioned in this episode:

The ‘Towards the Ideal Translation Curriculum’ survey. You can find the survey questions and all results in the PDF file embedded below.


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