Video005: Translation as Problems & Solutions (preparation)│سلسلة شرح كتاب الترجمة مشكلات وحلول – المحاضرة التمهيدية



Translation as Problems & Solutions is a textbook on translation (English-Arabic) for university students and trainee translators. It is written for Arab and Arabic speaking university students of translation at the undergraduate level. It is also useful to trainee translators. The book adopts a practical approach to translation and considers the whole subject in terms of problems and solutions. Driven by my passion to help students and would-be translators, this is the first webinar of a long-term series to study this book with students online.


 Topics covered in this webinar:

Why did I choose this book?
Professor Hasan Ghazala in brief.
The book’s chapters: a quick overview.
Who is the target audience?
Learning Agreements and how shall we study this book?
What is translation in English & Arabic?
The FOUR language components;
The Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure’s model of how language works;
The syntagmatic relationship: How linguistic elements can be sequenced;
The paradigmatic relationship: How linguistic elements behave in the same way in syntagmatic relationships.


 Useful resources mentioned in this webinar:

Translation as Problems & Solutions, by Professor Hasan Ghazala. The PDF format is embedded below.
Dictionary of Linguistics & phonetics, by David Crystal. 
The Study of Language, by George Yule. 
Longman Dictionary of Language Teaching & Applied Linguistics. 
 الجامع في الترجمة – (A Textbook in Translation, by Peter Newmark), Translated by Prof. Hasan Ghazala. 
 قاموس دار العلم للمتلازمات اللفظية، للأستاذ الدكتور حسن غزالة. 


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6- Translation as Problems and Solutions by Prof. Hasan Ghazala

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