– Dara Abd el-Naby

– Translator

شغالة في مجال اللغة والترجمة بقالي فترة ولأول مرة ألاقي حد فاهم هو بيعمل إيه ومحدد أهدافه وعارف يستغل أدواته صح … شرُفت بالتعاون مع الأكاديمية ومع المجتهد والطموح أ. محمد سعيد من خلال التدريب على موقع بروز.كوم، وغطينا جوانب تانية كتيرة بيحتاجها الفريلانسر خلال شغله … الكورس كان كافي ووافي وحقق الهدف المرغوب منه الحمد لله … كانت المادة العلمية مفيدة وكان استخدام المحاضر لأدواته استخدام موفق ما شاء الله … أما على الجانب الإنساني فبجد أ. محمد من الناس المحترمة الدؤوبة واللي مابتبخلش على اللي أدامها بما تملك من معلومات .. من نجاح إلى نجاح إن شاء الله

– ‘Alaa’ Said

– En<>Arabic Translator

I have been lucky enough to be one of the students of L10n Academy. Mr. Mohamed Said is highly professional and resourceful. With his friendly attitude, he bestowed the lectures with such a familial and amicable atmosphere. I will definitely rely on him for the rest of the journey in the Localization field.

– Saad Ghetass

– Translator & Business Owner

Mr. Muhammad Said Kamel is a knowledgeable, well-organized and very responsive instructor. Mr. Muhmmad has the passion, knowledge, and skills to design and deliver unique, interactive, professional, informative training sessions, he is really careful to pick and provide special, meaningful learning content as well as he’s very eager to help, I really appreciate your time and effort, thanks a million.

– Omar Osama

– Translator

I have finished the “Translation Career Roadmap” course with Mr. Mohmmed, and I can’t describe how much appreciation I have to him because of all the information and expertise he offered. The course was well structured and packed up with tons of insights and tips without letting a way in for the boredom. After we finished the course, Mr. Mohammed did not stop answering our inquiries and questions about all kind of things related to the translation industry. It’s hard to get positive feedback out of me but he’s earned it.