L10n Academy is a resource run by me, Muhammad Said, to help students, fresh graduates, translation newbies, and those who are interested in another career shift, start a successful career in translation & localization. I can help you through my one-to-one mentoring program—but what is one-to-one mentoring? And what shall you study?

One-to-one mentoring is a translation training program that can be tailored to guide you to the prerequisites for succeeding in a very competitive industry. These sessions are trainee-oriented, focus on your objectives, measured and recorded, and time-based as well. Plus, the training sessions can be delivered online and/or offline. If you are interested in this program, you can enroll below and you will be updated with all the details.


Ready to translate and get your feedback in a recorded video with a very detailed description of your errors from a certified mentor? In the OTO Mentoring Program, the apprentice will be provided a weekly translation assignment with 500-1000 words to translate. Then, s/he will receive video feedback with all the points of strength and weakness. Plus, the texts to translate are selected based on many factors, including but not limited to, the apprentice’s previous experience in a subject-matter, the fields of interests, and/or their tertiary education background. For more details about how your translation assignments will be evaluated, please contact me to send you a demo video and you can check this episode from the Podcast by hitting the microphone icon here .

If you are a translation student, a fresh graduate, or a would-be career shifter and you are very interested in starting your professional career in translation & localization, this training session is highly recommended. In a 4-hour session, you will learn the 15-step roadmap that you should take in your translation career and also to stand out from the crowd. This session is part of the Translation Career Roadmap Program and it is always the first session to give trainees a bird’s eye view of the industry. Learn More

Computer-aided translations tools are a must now for a potential translation candidate. Therefore, in a four-hour session, you will know the nature of CAT tools, their main and secondary features, how they are different from machine translation and which tool is worth investing and when to invest. Learn More


As a pioneering website for language service providers (LSPs) for more than 18 years, is your window to the international translation market. It is not only a community of language professionals that includes translators, interpreters, translation agencies, and their clients, but it is a marketplace for thousands of language specialists where they exchange jobs and share their experience and knowledge. With a certified translation professional and a Certified mentor, and one of the top ten in Arabic > English language pair, I will give you my secrets to stand out from the crowd. Learn More


As a freelance translator, you work mostly in a virtual world. Plus, you may also be vulnerable to translation scammers, new clients with no business identity. Also, you should be aware of how to read contracts and non-disclosure agreements from potential clients, how to protect and backup their data, how to use cloud-based tools, how to handle payment issues, and more. Plus, you should be able to manage any potential risks before, during, and under providing your language service. In a four-hour training session, you will be able to manage any potential risks related to the industry. Learn More



“Marketing takes a day to learn. Unfortunately, it takes a lifetime to master.” – Philip Kotler. The good news is that you can learn marketing in an hour. The bad news, it takes a lifetime to perfect it. Then, when Philip Kotler, the father of modern marketing, says that you should never go to the battlefield before having won the war on paper, you should get armed with some tips & tricks in the translation & localization industry. In a four-hour session, you will learn how to hone your marketing skills, sell your language services, and build your personal brand as a professional translator. In addition, you will be provided with my recipe to segment your customers, target them professionally, and position yourself to stand out in such a competitive market. Learn More

“Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.” – Mitchell Kapor. If you think that searching for terminology is a time-consuming process, then this training session is tailored for you. It is designed because I want to share my advanced Google searching tips and tricks and how you can unlock the full potential of Google Search Engine with advanced queries. By the end of this session, you will be able to hone your searching skills on the internet and maximize your search productivity. Learn More

One of the key features of any professional translator is to be productive. Therefore, it is worth investing to learn how to build your word count legacy and work more with less effort. In a four-hour training session, you will be given a practical recipe for boosting your productivity, with a great focus on how technology can unleash your productivity powers and the best practices that are highly recommended in the localization and translation industry. Learn More

This session provides more information on potential payment options available for freelance translators. It is also designed to give you an overview of common payment terms and conditions, actionable procedures to take to protect your income and establish viable payment. Plus, money management practices will be discussed during the training session. You will also get a couple of tips and tricks on how to negotiate for payment terms , as well as a couple of advice on how to deal with late payment issues and potential scammers. You will be able to create and activate your Skrill and PayPal accounts for smooth payment methods to your prospect clients. Learn More

Clients always seek for quality-oriented translators who can produce an error-free piece of translated work. However, evaluating a translation is based on some rules and parameters and any subjective and unfair evaluation could highly lead to a potential debate between translators and clients. In a four-hour training session, you will learn how a professional evaluation is conducted, the different categorization of errors with illustrative examples, and how to distinguish between preferential, minor, major, and critical errors. Plus, you will be guided to some tips and tricks on how to refute the clients’ feedback in case of unfair comments. Learn More


A professional CV is one of the key marketing tools for any freelancer with which you can build strong relationships with potential clients. In a 4-hour training session, you will learn the key steps in writing your CV as a professional translator and how you can make it stand out from the crowd. Not only this, but you will also learn how to document your word count legacy through your professional career in translation and how you can turn it into a dynamic one. Learn More


Are you ready to deep dive in the translation and localization industry? Are you really interested in investing your time and experience in one of the most commonly used CAT tools in the market? SDL Trados Studio is the complete translation environment tool (TEnT) for language professionals who want to edit, review and manage translation and localization projects as well as corporate terminology. This course is designed for users who want to get familiar with SDL Trados Studio quickly so that they can start working productively with this high-tech solution from day one. With an SDL Trados Studio certified translator, you will learn the ins and outs of that tool and how to use it to maximize your productivity. For more information, please click the ‘course details‘.