LAP008: An Interview with Dr. Ahmad Ali│لقاء مع د. أحمد علي للحديث عن معايير وضع امتحان في الترجمة



Today’s guest has been there for me as a former colleague and a friend, and after the episode, you will admire the way he started his professional and academic careers in translation. It is a great pleasure to host Dr. Ahmad Ali, lecturer in translation & linguistics, Faculty of Arts, Helwan University, Egypt.

There is a lot to take from this episode. We talked about the recent debate about the last year’s test which included some colloquial headlines and an excerpt from Wahi Al Qalam (The Inspiration of the Pen) by Mustafa Sadiq al-Rafi’i (an exclusive copy of the test is embedded in a PDF format below). We also discussed his contribution in translating Christiane Nord’s book ‘Translating as a Purposeful Activity: Functionalist Approaches Explained’ into Arabic and the challenges he faced during the process of translation. Finally, Dr. Ahmad gives some tips for translation students who are interested in the translation career and the toolkits they should have for a successful career.

Useful topics I discussed in this episode:

Dr. Ahmad’s journey to start a professional career in translation after graduation;
The debate about his 2019’s test for students of the English language department at Helwan University;
His definition of translation?;
His contribution for the academic career of translation with the Master’s and PhD degrees;
What should students of translation do to start their professional career in translation;
Some translation book recommendations, and more.

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Dr. Ahmad Ali

Dr. Ahmad Ali is a lecturer in Linguistics & Translation at the Department of English, Faculty of Arts, Helwan Univ & adjunct lecturer at Al-Alsun, Ain Shams University. He obtained his PhD jointly from Cairo Univ. and Notre Dame Univ., USA. He gave lectures at the most prestigious universities in America, including Notre Dame, IN, and William & Mary, VA. His published books include Synonymy in the Glorious Qur’an: Problems Explored & Strategies Adopted (2011) and the translation of Translating as a Purposeful Activity: Functionalist Approaches Explained by Christiane Nord into Arabic, which is released by the National Center for Translation in 2015. His current research interests include Qur’anic studies, translation studies, linguistics.

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