LAP001: How to start your career as a freelance translator?│إزاي تخطط لنفسك كمترجم؟


Hey colleague! In fact, before you decide to start your career in the translation and localization industry, you should take a bird’s eye view of many aspects related to the local and/or global market. Since the market is very competitive, I’ve shed some light on 15 aspects you should consider during your journey to professionalism. Enjoy listening to the episode and all your comments and suggestions are appreciated in the ‘comments‘ section below.

Important topics I discussed in this episode:

  • Language services you should be aware of when starting you translation career;
  • A quick overview of the linguistic, computer, and soft skills necessary for would-be translators;
  • Areas of expertise that are highly required;
  • A quick overview of productivity and how you can maximize it;
  • The importance of documenting your experience;
  • A quick look at rates and pricing, locally and globally;
  • Potential risks translators might have;
  • The importance of getting certified;
  • When and Where to join memberships;
  • A quick overview of payment methods;
  • A quick look at Pro bono work for translators;
  • Why marketing matters;
  • Ergonomics for translators.

Useful links I mentioned in this episode:

This roadmap is necessary for any translators, newbies, and career shifters. If you are interested in attending my training session ‘Translation Career Roadmap: How to start your career as a freelance translator’, do not hesitate to click here.


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Translators without Borders (TWB) envisions a world where knowledge knows no language barriers. The US-based non-profit provides people access to vital knowledge in their language by connecting humanitarian and international development organizations with a community of language professionals, building local language translation capacity, and raising awareness of language barriers. Originally founded in 1993 in France (as Traducteurs sans Frontières), TWB translates millions of words of life-saving and life-changing information a year.


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