LAP000: The L10n Academy Podcast?│حلقة التعريف بالبودكاست


Being a freelance translator isn’t easy and there are always significant hurdles along the way. So, I thought of this type of content, the L10n Academy Podcast, to help students of translation and linguistics, fresh graduates, and translation newbies, start their successful career in the translation and localization industry.

Important topics I discussed in this episode:

– The L10n Academy Podcast: What and Why?
– The main types of content on the L10n Academy Podcast;
– How trainees and visitors can interact with the published episodes;
– How trainees can add their questions, suggestions, and translated texts to the Podcast section;

Plus, if you’re looking for help on starting your translation career, how to plan for a successful career, or even if you’re a translator but you are struggling to stand out, that’s where to go.

Thanks for Listening! To share your thoughts, please leave a note in the comment section below. Also, If this hit home for you, if it pumped you up and got you going—I want to hear from you. Hit me up using the ‘Ask Muhammad’ button and you have 3 minutes to record your questions, queries, and/or suggestions.


Official Sponsor(s)

Translators without Borders (TWB) envisions a world where knowledge knows no language barriers. The US-based non-profit provides people access to vital knowledge in their language by connecting humanitarian and international development organizations with a community of language professionals, building local language translation capacity, and raising awareness of language barriers. Originally founded in 1993 in France (as Traducteurs sans Frontières), TWB translates millions of words of life-saving and life-changing information a year.

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