Driven by my sincere passion to help others, with more than ten years of hands-on experience in the translation industry, and my bird’s eye view of the localization industry locally and globally, this academy is intended to be your roadmap to stand out from the crowd in such a very competitive market, the localization market.

My name is Muhammad Said and I have been working as an English <> Arabic translator for more than ten years. I am also a ProZ.com certified translator and a member of the ProZ PRO Network. In 2007, I started my language career as a teaching assistant at Helwan University, with a parallel career in translation. Then, in 2013, I started investing more time, and money, to learn every aspect of the translation and localization industry.

And finally, my teaching and training passion drove me to help translation peers and newbies understand every discipline in the industry. Since 2016, I am proud to serve as a ProZ.com mentor. Therefore, I will be happy to help my colleagues and translation newbies start their career in translation and localization.

The main content in my website will be the podcast, where I will give orientation recordings over many disciplines in the localization market, so saying ‘hasta la vista, translation scammers!” will be much easier with me. Plus, bridging the gap between academia and the translation and localization industry will be through training sessions, online & offline, one-to-one mentoring programs, tailored translation courses, and events & powwows, to overcome the worm’s eye view about the market. Also, the blog is planned to supplement the podcast with a couple of advice and step-by-step instructions and reviews.

Please do not hesitate to subscribe to my podcast/blog, so you will be notified with my podcast episodes and blog articles. This is a way to create a community of professional translators.